Evolution news.

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Evolution news.

Berichtdoor Fish » 19 sep 2008, 22:47

http://www.evolutionnews.org:80/2008/09 ... orabl.html

Based on extensive research with primary sources and archival materials, John G. West’s captivating Darwin Day in America tells the story of how American politics and culture have been corrupted by scientistic ideology. Marshaling fascinating anecdotes and damning quotations, West’s narrative explores the far-reaching consequences for society when scientists and politicians deny the essential differences between human beings and the rest of nature. It also exposes the disastrous results that ensue when experts claiming to speak for science turn out to be wrong. West concludes with a plea for the restoration of democratic accountability in an age of experts.

Koren op de molen van de fundi's is de USA.
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Berichtdoor Henriette » 20 sep 2008, 07:45

(iets anders zinnigs kan ik er voor ontbijt niet over zeggen)
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Berichtdoor Faction Fictory » 20 sep 2008, 09:04

Henriette schreef:brrrrr
(iets anders zinnigs kan ik er voor ontbijt niet over zeggen)

ik denk dat 'woehahaha' functioneler is dan 'brrrr' ;-)
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