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Bioneuroemocion Gevaarlijke sekte in opkomst

Berichtdoor moonlight » 26 jan 2017, 06:45

Hier info over de kankergenezer/manipuleur
waarin hij verklaart kanker te genezen , bovendien gaat het om een gevaarlijke sekte Bioneuroemocion
die in latijns sprekende landen al 300.000 slachtoffers telt !
Je kunt zien aan de mensen die al bezig zijn met de zaak dat het niet maar om kwakzalverij gaat maar om een gevaarlijke Sekte
De Dader
Diego Callizo- 11 maart 1982
Websites Diego Callizo Bioneuroemocion Cult Cancerhealer
Lindekin profile New!!!!!!!!!!
Hier meer over de stichter Enric Corbera in de bijlagen
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Re: Bioneuroemocion Gevaarlijke sekte in opkomst

Berichtdoor Kristof » 26 jan 2017, 12:12


Dit is reeds het zesde topic dat je over Diego Callizo start omdat een familielid van jou in de ban is geraakt van deze Diego Callizo, de oprichter van The Emotion Experience Project.

Zie deze vorige post van mij:
For me, it is far better to grasp the Universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring.
Carl Sagan - RIP
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Re: Bioneuroemocion Gevaarlijke sekte in opkomst

Berichtdoor moonlight » 17 jun 2017, 08:11

En ik denk dat het nodig is ook !
CULTS 2.0: The emotional origin of diseases

They tell me "You are a destroyer". My answer is "I am the only person who is fighting for your life, because all you're doing [your medical treatment] is wasting time”. At the end, people die from stress and exhaustion, tired of fighting. Tired of seeking solutions through with their mind and not listening to their hearts. "Good people always die", they say. And I tell them, "No – assholes do".

Enric Corbera in his talk "Total Consciousness [Conciencia Total]"

Draft translated, corrected and updated by the original authors from the article available at

1. Introduction
This work aims to underline the erroneous and anti scientific features of the movement known as bioneuroemotion or BNE, and of other trends that blame emotional conflicts for diseases. We will denounce their alarming rise in our society and we will warn of their drift towards sectarian-like organisations. This is an abridgement of a lengthy dossier that gathers multiple annexes and additional data with testimonies of victims and other people involved. That dossier has been written by Luis R. González, Marisa Marquina and Juan A. Rodríguez under the supervision of the author.

2. Origins of bioneuroemotion. Components
BNE assembles several pseudotherapies with a twisted vision and practice of what are usually valid tools and knowledge. Its principal components are the German New Medicine, Biodecoding, the book A Course in Miracles, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Family Constellations and Ericksonian Hypnosis2.

2.1. German New Medicine (GNM)
The story of this infamous cancer pseudotherapy created by the former German doctor Ryke Geerd Hamer is a well-known one3. Hamer described his laws in a documentary broadcasted by a Bavarian TV channel on 4th of October, 1981. In that same month, Hamer presented his thesis for his PhD, Das Hamer Syndrom un die eiserne Regel des Krebses (“Hamer Syndrome and the Iron Rule of Cancer”), which was rejected unanimously in the University of Tubinga for its lack of quality and scientific evidence, two characteristics that will define Hamer’s career together with the death of his patients.
His wife, the first patient that was treated with GNM, died of cancer in 1985. In 1986 he was permanently banned from practice in Germany. In 1995 the case of the child Olivia Philar broke out and her parents were sentenced to eight months in prison for following Hamer’s instructions and almost causing the death of the child, who was saved by the intervention of the authorities. This case revealed forty other cases of patients who had died in Austria because of the GNM. In Germany, Hamer was sentenced to 19 months in prison for the death of three cancer patients.
In 2000, since he was being pursued by the law in his country, he fled to Spain. There, he attended several TV shows. Ana Pena, one of her patients in Spain who also attended some of the shows claiming her cancer had been healed by Hamer, died of that disease three years later. In 2011 he was sentenced in his absence to 18 months in prison for the death of three cancer patients. The case of Michaela Jakubczyk-Eckert is particularly scandalous, as the entire progress of the disease that led her to her death was graphically documented with a chronicle of her suffering4.
He was still accumulating cases and in 2007 he fled Spain and moved to Norway, a country from which it would be harder to request his extradition, since it does not belong to the European Union. He is also banned from practice there, but he still works at the made-up University of Sandefjord, which is actually a company that belongs to him and in which he is the “dean”, teaches and sells books and materials related to the NGM5. Among these, there is what he calls his “second great discovery”, a song created for his wife and that related to the “Archaic melodies” of German mythology. Hamer claims that listening to it cures diseases and it is sold for €50. However, Hamer’s biggest achievement has been the legalisation of the GNM in Nicaragua in 20126.
This pseudo medicine is based on several "laws"7:
1. The Iron Rule: Serious diseases originate from an internal and unexpected event, experienced in solitude, a “biological conflict” that triggers an activity focus in the brain that can be detected on a scan as concentric rings (“Hamer Focus”). This is called the DHS or Dirk Hamer Syndrome.
2. Two phased nature of disease: A sick person is in the active conflict phase; if they resolve it, they will enter the healing phase. The DHS shock triggers the start of a Meaningful Special Biological Programme of Nature that allows the organism (psyche, brain and organ) to increase the daily performance and focus on fighting the unexpected situation.
3. Ontogenetic system of diseases: Second and third cancers are not the result of migrating cancer cells but of a second or third DHS, often triggered by a new shock during the diagnosis or prognosis.
4. Ontogenetic system of microbes: Microbes do not cause diseases, instead, they are used by the body to optimise the healing process. During the solving of the conflict, a brain signal makes them work on the assigned task –causing inflammation, a phase that precedes healing.
5. Quintessence: Each disease is a meaningful special biological programme. Every disease has a special biological meaning. Reality is a intertwined whole in which a disease is triggered by a conflict, which we need to solve to grow spiritually, from the holistic perspective of a human universe of beings that reincarnate to learn lessons and free karma.
These are some of the many mistakes and contradictions of the GNM:
• “Hamer focuses” are nothing but artefacts, calibration errors of CAT scans. They are always round and they go through several brain structures, hemispheres and even cranial bones. In addition, they are not detected with any other techniques, such as magnetic resonance imaging. Meanwhile, Siemens, manufacturer of these scanners, provides guidance on how to identify whether these type of images are mistakes or not, which is used by Hamer’s followers as proof of their existence8.
• Absence of brain cancer, which is clearly wrong in the light of what modern medicine has proven by recognising a wide variety of them.
• Denial of cancers with genetic origin, caused by carcinogenic substances or caused by ionizing radiation, despite all the scientific evidence. GNM does not have an explanation for all the thoroughly documented cases of transmissible cancer among animals. With respect to the carcinogenic substances, such as tobacco, GNM blames the anxiety, which is caused by learning the dangers they pose, for the cancers.
• Denial of the impact on cancer of the environmental factors such as diet, since GNM uses personal conflicts as an explanation for everything. GNM also denies the widely proven and documented metastasis of cancer cells via blood and other fluids.
• Hamer claims that conventional medicine barely cures 2% of cancers, which contradicts available data. These data shows that what determines cancer incidence and survival are sanitary conditions, prevention and technical means together with factors such as diet, and not hypothetical personal conflicts and their solving.
• The critical point of all this is that GNM advocates for the abandoning of conventional treatment (surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy) and palliative treatment (painkillers) to “prevent them from interfering” in the healing process9, which leads their victims to a miserable death. Today, Hamer ideas are making a come-back on several fronts: former followers still employ them in clinical practice10, they are being spread on social networking sites, and emerging pseudo therapies such as bioneuroemotion are incorporating them to their practice.
2.2. Biodecoding or biological Decoding (DBO)
It is one of the ramifications of Hamer’s school of thought. Claude Sabbah (Casablanca, 1947), disciple of Hamer and a qualified doctor in France, started investigating the supposed experiences endured by patients at the moment of their birth and how their parents lived through the pregnancy and even before the conception. This is what he calls “psychogenealogy” or “biogenealogy”. By incorporating several pseudo sciences, such as Hamer’s GNM, into his own ideas he defined the theoretical corpus of his invention, the “Total Biology (of Living Beings)”, whose practice is biodecoding.
He was banned from practice in France in 200711 because of the death of a follower who had been diagnosed with prostate cancer and he fled to Canada to pursue his career12. In November, 2015, he was sentenced to two months in prison and to pay a substantial fine for the death of the patient and for misleading advertising13.
Nurse Christian Flèche14 is another major activist for this movement, creator of the “Biodecoding method”, which directly connects emotions, organs and diseases in a way that diagnosing which emotion belongs to which disease depending on the body part affected becomes –supposedly- possible.
Its main precept is the emotional cause that is traceable for every disease. That emotion is always associated to a corporal feeling that comes from an old trauma or bioshock. Human beings tend to repeat that bioshock to get over it and free themselves from trauma. Almost every trauma is generated during pregnancy or childhood and they are engraved on the emotional unconscious and not the rational one. The aim of this therapy is to free the energy caused by the bioshock, trapped inside of ourselves, to heal ourselves.
In Spain, biodecoding is associated with the people who introduced it in there, Enric Corbera and Rafael Marañón15, and also to Monserrat Batlló, teaching director of the Spanish Institute for Bioneuroemotion16. Actually, bioneuroemotion is just the name Corbera has given to biodecoding after he managed to implement it in a Cuban university 17, which meant facing a plagiarism lawsuit from Christian Flèche18 that Corbera appealed against19.

2.3. A Course in Miracles
Helen Cohn Schucman (1909-1981) was a psychologist from New York and a professor at Columbia University. She is best known for her book (written together with William Thetford) A Course in Miracles (1975), which was supposedly revealed by Jesus Christ and which has been associated with several cults that use it to psychologically destabilize20 and with a secret plan during the Cold War21. The truth is that the book is a series of contradictions and absurdities together with direct and repetitive claims. By way of example, we will quote the following excerpts:
Lesson 356
Sickness is but another name for sin. Healing is but another name for God. The miracle is thus a call to Him.
II. The Shift in Perception
1. Healing must occur in exact proportion to which the valuelessness of sickness is recognized. One need but say, “There is no gain at all to me in this” and he is healed.
2. The acceptance of sickness as a decision of the mind, for a purpose for which it would use the body, is the basis of healing. And this is so for healing in all forms. A patient decides that this is so, and he recovers. If he decides against recovery, he will not be healed. Who is the physician? Only the mind of the patient himself. The outcome is what he decides that it is.
III. The Function of the Teacher of God
1. If the patient must change his mind in order to be healed, what does the teacher of God do? Can he change the patient’s mind for him? Certainly not. For those already willing to change their minds he has no function except to rejoice with them, for they have become teachers of God with him. He has, however, a more specific function for those who do not understand what healing is. These patients do not realize they have chosen sickness.
6. Is Healing Certain?
1. Healing is always certain. Yet what if the patient uses sickness as a way of life, believing healing is the way to death? When this is so, a sudden healing might precipitate intense depression, and a sense of loss so deep that the patient might even try to destroy himself. Having nothing to live for, he may ask for death. Healing must wait, for his protection.
Should healing be repeated?
One of the most difficult temptations to recognize is that to doubt a healing because of the appearance of continuing symptoms is a mistake in the form of lack of trust. As such it is an attack.
The real basis for doubt about the outcome of any problem that has been given to God’s Teacher for resolution is always self-doubt.

Bioneuroemotion includes this book in his school of thought2, since it promotes that everyone can create their own reality22 and that every disease is imaginary and, thus, curable, regardless of what conventional medicine says.

2.4. NLP, Family Constellations and Ericksonian Hypnosis
Despite the fact that these tools are widely used in psychology, they are not without controversy. They are easily distorted and not scientifically sound in their every aspect23, and that makes them a part of the repertoire of many pseudotherapists, who use them to bulk their curricula and strengthen their authoritative image.
There are several examples of the use of these tools in Bioneuroemotion. For instance, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is used to weaken their followers’ language by preventing them from asking why, what, when or how questions. It also modifies everyday concepts when it refers to reasoning as “doing things from your ego”, instead of allowing yourself to be driven by emotions, as they prefer. The confusion when talking about fault and responsibility, created by changing the meaning of the former for the meaning of the latter –and never removing the fault connotations from the latter, is another example of language tampering24.
Bioneuroemotion uses Bert Hellinger’s family constellations to blame dead relatives or ancestors for the emotional origin of the disease that cannot be explained with the patient’s own information. If necessary, it will just make it up. In an article about the gruesome origin and bases of this pseudoscience, its philosophy is explained in the following manner25:
The basic idea is that non-solved conflicts of our ancestors are passed down from generation to generation, creating problems that are somatised now in the form of disorders and diseases. To solve and understand these problems, we would have to carry out a series of dynamics and exercises –which normally involve role play or staging with figures or cards– to represent our family and several generations of ancestors. This way, the problem affecting us would be detected. The problem –for example, an abortion our grandmother had or a mourning period which was tough for our uncle– is the one that is causing trouble in your marriage, our depression or even a cancer, and it could be solved with a little more of drama and serious faces.
They try to base this idea on the tribal organization of human groups during the Palaeolithic era. […] This is the “state of nature”. A happy moment in which everyone had their own spot and there were no conflicts. Supposedly, in this historic moment human groups were completely isolated one from another –which contradicts archaeological evidence that proves the existence of great Palaeolithic cultures, until the beginning of the terrible Neolithic era. During this era, groups got together, cities emerged, and discord, wanting more and individualism were born. Thus the state of nature is broken and tragedy begins.
Family constellations haven’t been without controversy and legal problems. Hellinger [their guru] is known in Germany for exonerating Hitler […]. After all, the success of family constellations is based on the complete release from responsibilities of the individual: nobody is at fault for their problems. Do you have lung cancer? It is not because you smoke outrageously, it is because your grandparents had an unpleasant separation[…]. Hellinger’s stance is that Hitler was not a bad person, but a victim of his family constellation.
Family constellations consider homosexuality as a disease caused by a problem in the family that hasn’t been solved.[…]. Another main problem of this pseudo therapy is the enormous amount of misogyny and sexism it contains. In counselling for couples with family constellations, it is always the woman who is doing everything wrong.
It reaches such an extreme extent that dealing with rape in therapy involves a role play in which someone portrays the rapist. The woman who has been abused has to kneel before him, thank him for living that experience with him, and say she is sorry for blaming him.
One can count by the thousands the people who have felt abused by the performances of family constellations because they have been talked into doing things that threatened their dignity. There is a great amount of court rulings, especially in Germany, where they are taking all this very seriously. There are even documented cases of suicide thanks to the lacking medical experience of the people who toy with the minds and problems of people in such a way.
Corbera takes it one step further when it comes to distorting this tool, and he proposes a “quantum explanation” of the family constellations, by which “it won’t be even necessary to have your family tree” to find the origin of your problem26.
With respect to Ericksonian Hypnosis to “provoke regressions”, there is a well-known problem that this method entails: fake memories may be introduced by the therapist, who can implant non-existent family conflicts in their client’s mind23, 27.

3. Bioneuroemotion and science
BNE tries constantly to give itself a patina of science. However, a superficial analysis clearly reveals its shortcomings (if not embarrassing mistakes or outright fallacies and lies), even for a high school level of knowledge. It is included in the so called quantum mysticism28.
It is interesting, in this respect, to read the informal criticism Marta Segurola wrote to expose this issue29. It clearly manifests that Corbera is not able to handle even the most basic concepts of fundamental physics. Even though not all his referents are frauds, the ones that are not (as Gabor, Einstein and Carl Sagan) are skewed to shape their work to the content he is interested to show.
At large, bioneuroemotion tries to underpin itself "scientifically" using two elements as a foundation: quantum physics and epigenetics. Regarding Corbera’s “quantum” proposals, some examples are worth to be seen30 (see also Annex 1 to document Note 1):
Physics, when it comes to quantum physics, when it speaks about the observer, when it says that what we observe depends on us and has an impact, this is of great relevance and of great importance (...). Everything is holographic. In the tree, when we study the tree, if I have the person and I know what happens to him/her, I am able to know where it comes from. Moreover, today I am developing the tree’s quantum vision and I don’t even need the dates. I don’t need anything.
He does not better when it comes to epigenetics. Although he believes to understand the concept of methylation and its complexity, he minimizes it to a ridiculous nonsense pretending that any thought, any emotion, any conflict can alter the genome31:
I don’t know if you know that science has proved that we inherit our ancestors programs, and is called behavioural epigenetics. If you google behavioural epigenetics it’s been explained, and you’ll find stuff such as "and we inherit our grandparent programs".
In other words: If my grandmother died from a medical error cause she took the wrong drug, the grandchild may be allergic to this drug. And science proves that.
(…) I am going to give you an example. The experiment was as follows:
There were a few good rat mothers and a few bad rat mothers. Here we go again with mothers, huh? (...) The good rat mothers differ from bad rat mothers in that good mothers lick their mice and bad mothers don’t. They look at bad mothers genetic code of bad mothers and realize that they are highly methylated.
Therefore, when there is no warmth, when there is no genuine affection, no real emotions, when what is done isn’t done from the heart, there’s methylation.
Then they took the rats who hadn’t been licked and they placed them along with the good rat mothers, these began to lick them and demethylation occurred in the little mice. This is a great discovery because it shows that if there is an emotional change it triggers an epigenetic change. For us this is very important because we know that when a person forgives, when a person understands, when a person is released from guilt, that person heals. And healing occurs because of this: the person is demethylated.
On its website, BNE shows three studies32 as "evidence" which are published in a cuban low-impact journal. This makes, best-case scenario, a creaky reference to statements such as the alleged spontaneous remission of a breast cancer case when this practice was being applied. Moreover, an statement underpinned without an adequate monitoring or a comparison with life expectancy without treatment of these tumours.

4. Bioneuroemotion and medicine
Before undertaking this section, it’s essential to read it bearing in mind that, given that it is a sectarian risk movement because of its high coercive and psychological manipulation content, we are handling information that often contains a double-speaking.
The first thing to consider is that many people run into BNE when searching information in the internet about a particular disease, which is suffered by them or someone close. Many of these people, due to whatever reason, fear or distrust medicine, and BNE offers an escape route by presenting itself as a safe method which through inner healing (psychological) promises an outer healing (physical health). They argue, therefore, that the BNE does not cure anything, that "self-heals"; that is integrative, meaning that it can be applied along with medicine; that it is not actually a therapy but a "method of humanist consultation". People fleeing from medicine fins in the testimonies of those who have been healed "miraculously" of terminal cancer, diabetes, fibromyalgia, etc., the final push to say goodbye to medicine, with disastrous consequences in many cases.
Although they make explicit that it is not a therapy (more by legal imperative than conviction), is often presented as such, even by the "scientific studies" that supposedly would endorse it32. In one of those "scientific publications"33 we see the aforementioned example of "The BioNeuroEmotion applied to a case of breast cancer" in which, supposedly, a 47 year old woman with breast cancer (invasive ductal carcinoma in right breast), who rejects surgical treatment, is applied with bioneuroemotion with the result of spontaneous remission and survival after three years. The news highlights the bioneuroemotion is a therapeutic method, and in previous discussions on the methodology of biodecoding (homologous to BNE), insists on the same idea35.
Since BNE contemplates an emotional origin for every disease, they require a "dictionary" to make the symptom-emotion conversion. One of the first Corbera’s "dictionaries" was The symptom’s secret code, and some sites have tried to imitate this concept35.
Another instance of this double-speaking is the book Healing through a course in miracles. They can’t make it clearer, despite any disclaimer that they add, expecting people not to retain it, when it comes to showing BNE as a therapy. It's as easy as doing the test on Google, looking for "bioneuroemotion therapeutic method". The "feel” of the answers and their followers is evident. Regardless, what does really lie behind? Let's take a look to some extracts that wll enlighten us about it36:
I'll give you an up-to-date example. Patient: Mary (there are many Marys). 50 year old woman. Cancer since 1996.
His first cancer is an invasive ductal cancer. Therefore, we know that is a lack of protection conflict, or preferably, I live a relationship in which I think I'm not protected. They treated the invasive ductal cancer, and after a few years, in 2000, she got bone cancer. Bone cancer is always "if this one is not to blame, then it’s my fault". And I underestimate myself. A person with osteoarticular problems is a person who always recriminates herself. And tricks [cancer]. 2004: liver cancer. Liver cancer doesn't leave. Then a bone marrow transplant is proceeded and tumours leave. That’s great [much irony in his voice]. Fantastic. Bone marrow transplants work really well. They work well until they don’t, because then the lady repeats the conflict again and the tumours grow back. And since 2004, 2005 and 2006 until the present day, she comes to me and says: "I think you're the last chance"... and I say, "Oh, what’s going on?" She says: "They expect I’ll die in a few weeks. I was in palliative care and they told me 'there’s nothing else we can do" ...Then I said, "show me your family tree because there’s a brutal lovelessness information here... And then I see her transgenerational tree and her mother hated her father, her mother hated her husband, her mother hated all men. She hated her husband so much that before she was born, her mother had 22 induced abortions. Can you imagine what mark this woman was born with...? But she wears a light here that says: "I seek men to reaffirm the lack of protection." Cause God, in His infinite love, he gives you what you request... But some people don’t want to abandon their paradigm and their reasons, can you see? They are unable to understand that the heart has reasons the mind cannot understand.
In short, besides linking spuriously the patient disease to unrelated issues, distorting her psychology, he adopts the medical treatment against cancer as "cheating" and discourages the patient from chemotherapy. Corbera mocks medicine and stands as the only one interested in healing people37, implying that doctors do not pursue that goal, that medicine is a waste of time, and making up reasons –blaming the sick– that can cause cancer without offering the slightest proof. As an example of the double-speaking he displays, sometimes he makes explicit that BNE does not cure, or that it isn’t even a therapy, but then he says bluntly: "There are people who heal just watching the videos"38. A rhetoric that insists on medical errors, cause drugs that kill are being prescribed; and disbelief in medicine, creating mistrust in it, since the fact that BNE cures everything is being concealed: "All I offer is the truth, anything else. It is this truth that many want to hold back "39.
Corbera tries to demonstrate extensive medical knowledge40 and even states things dangerous for health. It recalled that Fermín Moriano, follower and populariser of German New Medicine, died for believing this: "And why we say that we have to change things, he says, 'I quit', if I smoke if want, but when smoke feel that you are breathing God. And you'll see. For the most wonderful meal can become a poison, a poison and can become the most wonderful food, but by the emotional state you eat"41.
In addition to making discriminatory statements for women, breast cancer blaming his newly won independence and legal equality (without proof), or suggest, directly, that "there is no death"42.
Corbera plays with the vocabulary and despite often speak of "healing" and "healing" and other times of "remission" suggests something that is not saying, incidentally, that many people will die43:
Do you know how many people, in his last letter, he told me "I leave this world, but I'm remembering you"?
And I, myself have given me letters when I have opened I have said "Enric, if you're reading this letter is that I am no longer in this world, but I want you know that I'm, you're leaving, you're with me in my heart. I healed, I know what I'm healed, and I am healed. “(...) the healing, that is, does the body heal? This is just a kind of healing. Healing is mental.
Healing requires a period of "quarantine" in their own words44:
That quarantine me, I was inspired by the Bible. You know that the quarantine is something that is... is an archetype: forty days were the Lord in the wilderness; there were forty years wandering around Moses and the Israelites. 40 days here, 40 days there. Moreover, to heal a broken bone forty days... when we are isolated, when we have no phones, no internet, no TV, no photograph of the family (audience laughs) (...) the hypothalamus and all pituitary begins to secrete a substance that helps you raise awareness. ACIM says: "mental stillness you find all the answers".
The bioneuroemotion touches all the sticks on the field of health. Pontificates about psychiatric disorders, problems of pregnancy, behavioural disorders such as anorexia or bulimia, multiple sclerosis and ALS, common diseases such as overweight, allergies, osteoporosis, and even deadly infectious diseases such as AIDS or Ebola. In his "Dictionary", The secret code of the symptom, gives his followers an "explanation" of the origin of diseases like Alzheimer's or autism45.

People find in the testimonies of those who have been healed "miraculously" the final push to say goodbye to medicine, with disastrous consequences in many cases.

5. Bioneuroemotion and psychology
Early in 2014 the College of Psychologists of Catalonia published an official position statement on this movement, manifested in the following terms46:
“(...) the College of Psychologists of Catalonia -in compliance with the social functions imposed by Law and its Charters- feels obliged to make a public position statement, by stating that the College Board does not consider that, in this time, this model and derived practices can be endorsed with sufficient guarantees; and that BNE can’t be accepted under the well-established profession’s scientific and practical quality standards, therefore it cannot fit into the canons, providing the Lex Artis of Psychology’s profession. Henceforth, this Board wants to makes public its decision to reserve for its own the faculty to run any of the legal and statutory actions that are recognized, under its defined competences and college functions, to act in defence of the profession, its members and its users.”
However, it can’t be denied that BNE provides support for many people. There can be found lots of messages directed to Enric Corbera himself, like "Thank you for existing", or “you have changed my life” (meaning for good), up to a number far from negligible, on any of its inputs on Facebook, or via comments on his YouTube videos. However, in many cases, the experience for family members of BNE clients seems quite the opposite of anything as wonderful, in fact, when BNE gets into family dynamics, split-ups often come as a result. Why is this happening?
BNE offers salvation, healing, omnipotence. If any individual is living a situation of social vulnerability, the very fact of presenting the idea of “you can change your situation by simply changing the way you perceive it”, seems rather comforting. Adequate psychological management is with no doubt useful to cope with an illness as severe as cancer, but it can’t do very much with the illness itself. Unfortunately, many persons with severe illnesses are getting into BNE. Its message as a whole happens to be highly moldable, and can be easily arranged for a willing reader to suit any personal preference, but here resides an important problem: The ideas that BNE present are simply contrary to reality, it tears people apart from it. When confronted face to face with daily living, the consequence is frustration, so the individual feels lost, and the illness does not disappear. This process can make this talks and courses become an addictive product. Equivalent to taking drugs, live in the clouds few hours, and down again. If you enjoyed the ride much, you repeat; but at what price?
In private or group consultation, bioneuroemotion becomes more dangerous, entering the realm of coercion.
Here we present an example47:
[Corbera]: Most likely, your mother had a conflictive situation with your father, and could have had something to do with their marital relationship, maybe there was an issue on a sexual level. It was any lover, or any affaire?
[Woman]: No, my mother, when she became pregnant of my brother, she started to suffer mental issues, because from what I've heard, there has been huge violence in her family [Corbera begins to nod, as saying "You see? Yousee? "]. My grandmother had an alcoholic son that he used to show a razor easily, up to the point my mother suffered episodes of amenorrhea every time he came ...

Influencing into the patient's response so that he gets the answer he wants, thereby increasing his statistics and his confirmation bias: that is the method Corbera uses. In the preceding examples, we see how he completely distorts what their patients tell him, just to make their narrative fit their into his dictionary of relationships between symptoms and conflicts. In other cases, Ericksonian hypnosis techniques are used, in order to arise induced perceptions to patient’s consciousness. That way, people feels quickly identified, and therefore bioneuroemotion triumphs.
Corbera is aware of the placebo effect and its power of suggestion 48, and he manipulates that in his favour to take an unfair advantage in front of patient’s [normal] bias. He levels the playing field in a way that any medical treatment and, say “a trip to the moon”, are put together at the same height. After all, If The Mind commands all the diseases the body suffers, meaning that any path the patient chooses regarding the present illness (e.g., accepting or rejecting a chemotherapy treatment) becomes irrelevant, as long as the patient says “I am convinced” when asked. Here it also plays a role the vulnerability of the prognosis in cases of terminal cancer; a doctor can make a prognosis of only few months of life remaining for the patient, using in his favour, that after that time the patient can’t necessarily be dead, meaning only that the patient’s health state at a given point is critical and it can be necessary to “expect the worst and be prepared”. There can be found several studies49 that show problems with cancer prognosis, and a bad estimate survival of patients in approximately 80% of cases.
The point on this dynamic used in BNE is to make the patient believe that, after “the fateful date” prognosed by the doctor, using this to ridicule medical science as a whole, he or she is still alive, it is precisely because “a miracle” has happened. The client is no longer a client, he becomes the living evidence of the method’s spectacular effectiveness, and so testimony must be spread. This gets a powerful claim on the patient and also on many future patients to come.
Repeatedly claiming to be based on a thesis by Carl Gustav Jung (“the disease is the effort of nature to heal the body"), Corbera and BNE sell as a product the feeling that one can fix any disease or problem from a spiritual dimension. For a person who copes with a serious, life-threatening illness like cancer, and feels alone and helpless, it’s quite natural to give consent when BNE comes to rescue, with its offer of a path of personal and spiritual growth (falsely claiming to be based on scientific evidence), which also will cure the illness. Suddenly, people have a more proactive attitude, they listen to BNE talks more frequently, in sum, they forget the illness to focus on different activities, and that makes them feel better for a while. Unfortunately many patients also “forget” they are not following an established treatment, because they have started to see it as irrelevant or even harmful, so they are actually facing the risk of death. And, vice versa, there can be people looking for “a miracle solution” or side-effects-free-remedy to deal with serious and ,sometimes, highly untreatable or not treatable conditions, who find in the BNE method an apparent solution to its needs, accepting a therapy allegedly endorsed by cutting-edge science in the field.

A single case Corbera has been using for years, serves us as an appropriate example of what we have already exposed in this document, and that is the story of Maribel Candelas. Enric Corbera, along with BNE, recorded (and up to date, owns the video’s intellectual property) an “apparently informal conversation”, presented as a magazine-like-interview, on High School Rodrigo Botet (Manises, Valencia), after a masterclass performed by Enric Corbera to the school’s community. Here we present a rough summary of what we know on Maribel Candelas’ personal story50: Maribel Candelas is diagnosed with recidivant cancer at an advanced stage, with liver and bone metastases already present. She refuses to initiate medical treatment (chemotherapy), he gets to know about Enric Corbera and decides to travel to Rubí (Barcelona), in order to treat his cancer with him. During the video, she explains this experience with more detail, including how the unconscious programs govern our lives, and how through bioneuroemotion can find the way to cure our illnesses. Also, she explains how the process of quarantine is delivered, and its importance in the more global process of “renewing neural connections” and accomplish a change in the surrounding field.

The distortion of reality that Corbera and BNE induce to patients iis such that can lead a person to feel guilty (“responsible”) of a sexual assault, maybe because the person unconsciously "ordered it to the Universe", maybe because they have suffered sexual abuse by parents in infancy (and if they’re not, Corbera induces them to think so) 51, or even there are other family problems that in the end, make the person victim of a sexual assault, guilty (“responsible”). This mechanism of inducing beliefs and remembrances of non existent family conflicts [or, if present, amplifying its importance to a grotesque dimension] is a group dynamic repeated in time in Bioneuroemotion, and that represents one of the main sectarian risks of this group. This issue will be explained in detail in the next section.
Early in 2016, following the death of Maribel Candelas, the Official College of Psychologists of Catalonia (COPC) updated its previous position statement on the Bioneuroemotion method52, with the title: “The College of Psychologists of Catalonia neither endorses nor supports the model called "Bioneuroemotion":
“The fact that some supporters of the model called "bioneuroemotion" are associated fellows of the College of Psychology, does not guarantee that they count on the support of this institution. Bioneuroemotion does not respond to any exemplary canon accepted by science, being only a registered brand by a particular with commercial purposes. The self-appointed "Bioneuroemotion Institute" has been presumably delivering alleged degree titles in Bioneuroemotion, with neither official validity not an entitlement to any competencies, although the latter is not stated explicitly in its program, therefore it cannot be reported to law enforcement authorities.
As an official institution which represents professionals of Psychology in Catalonia, COPC is ratified in its 2014 manifesto, and in the fact that only therapeutic models based on evidence, with international academic recognition, and with broad consensus as valid models within psychologists, can be endorsed and implemented into practice. Citizens are, by the present, aware of this facts, and has (or should have) the knowledge that this institution can be counted on as a source of information, either at the College’s main office or at its website.

6. Bioneuroemotion as a movement with cultic risks
One of the first significant phenomena observed in bioneuroemotion practitioners is an excessive exaltation of its qualities: there can be found several reports written by BNE followers with plenty of expressions of "euphoria", recommending the method and its materials (videos and books) to relatives and acquaintances.
Early in the article on the practice of Sabbah53, we can found similarities with what we can hear from Corbera speech manners: "The audience was rapt. Sabbah sold his art talented workers before a mostly public, unlearned, and ready to be seduced by a good speaker, full of diplomas, good speech, with advanced teaching materials. Expecting a liberating speech of his condition, his health... your money! Sabbah, the Messiah of medicine ".
As we discussed in section 2.4, BNE uses many persuasion techniques when presenting in front of the audience54. Hypnosis is classified as a psychological, more than a physiological method, because it is essentially a form of narrowing mental focus, in which a person induces another to maintain the object focus, and simultaneously suspending critical judgment and peripheral awareness. When this technique is used for purposes other than clinical, it becomes a form of manipulation and psychological coercion, that’s why it can be found in many cultic groups like BNE, because it serves as a vehicle for the leader to implements suggestions pointing to his own agenda, while the patient is set into a vulnerable state of mind. The insistence on "importance of unlearning", as Corbera enforces in their latest books and conferences55, is a psychological factor of destabilization for the sake of systematic thought reform.
Milton Erickson's (MD and also renowned hypnotist) and cols. provide an excellent compilation of methods and techniques that can be used to elicit cooperation and reduce resistance to change. Several of these techniques are among the processes that can be documented at cultic groups.
First and foremost is the self-imposed role of Enric Corbera as visionary lit and Messianic of a revealed truth, before whose authority (endorsed by its "impressive" résume and apparent omniscience of many such disparate areas as psychology, quantum physics, biology, etc.) can only be accepted word by word. Virtually all BNE videos start with some introductions crowded with eulogies, talking about how discovered and publicized his method (and how he had to fight Inquisitors who try to oppose Truth to be discovered), and so on. In some cases he even makes clear his role as "chosen" for revelation56 of this "ultimate holistic approach".
Throughout this process, Corbera fills the minds of his audience with a series of proposals plagued with the tagline "and therefore..." which he uses to falsely imply that his premise has been logically deduced from what he had just described, even though it had not been the case (“non sequitur fallacy”), giving an appearance of validity to an audience that probably has not been able to follow his chain of reasoning, simply due its lack of coherence.
Through his quotes and videos, manipulation of language and logic can be easily found. Another tagline which he abuses of, and which frequently does not mean what he suggests it does are terms like "holographic", "dual", "metaphysical", "quantum", etcetera.
It's very important to emphasize this idea of double-language use, because although it is sometimes explicitly stated, it can also hide a twisted (and even Machiavellian) use of language. Examples of permutations, that is, differences between what is said implicitly and explicitly are the following:
• Do something "from the ego": do something reasonably24.
• The "quantum field", the consciousness, the "universal intelligence".
• Heal: Does not necessarily equal cure; Moreover, Corbera itself recognizes that many of its patients die while on BNE method and, despite this, he claims that they do die, but in a “healed state”43.
• Guilty: responsibility (Bioneuroemotion uses these two terms interchangeably and with the same amount of “guilty” into its meaning57. BNE frequently owns the whole load of "responsibility / guilty" of his illness on the patient himself.
• BNE does not cure, only you can heal yourself (but, as we have seen early in section 4, practitioners tend to mention only the cases where a “cure”/”healing” has happened).
• BNE is not a therapy / method; but de facto he treats his “consultants” as patients in the clinical sense, including links to related "scientific articles" on its website, and its structure as a whole appears is consistent with the application of a therapeutic method, which in this case, also connects with the German New Medicine.
Patients must continue any conventional treatment running on58; but they also suggest that treatments are not important, and even an unnecessary waste of time, equating medical treatments with any kind of alleged treatments, because they are only to be used as a sort of placebo, until the "heightened awareness stated" is not reached.
To avoid any particular person or institution to run lawsuits against him, because of the corrupted use of the terms to therapy or cure, Corbera always explicitly states that bioneuroemotion is not a therapy (although being sell as such) and that doe not intend to cure any person (then claiming people have been “cured” with BNE, even by just watching their vídeos59), and that the healing that could be achieved with bioneuroemotion (a statement that actually seems to contradict the premise that Corbera does not understand his method as a therapy or cure) is mental, not physical (though affected individuals come to him searching for physical healing/cure in the first place). If the patient dies, it does not imply that BNE method does not work; the explanation is that they have passed away but in a healed spiritual state43.
Perhaps the most prescient description of this language game has been made Paco Traver, head of mental health services in the Provincial Hospital of Castellon de la Plana, in an article on the movements related to "emotional origin of the disease"60:
“It’s funny how, according to the author, it does not exist such thing as autonomy between physiological and psychological dimensions of the human organism; henceforth diseases should be treated by decoding “therapists”, instead of conventional physicians, who use these drugs with many side effects, a practice with lower standards at all. [...] The point in this premise is that it lacks refutation, because if the fibroid [a type of tissue malformation] does not disappear by using BNE treatment (which is the most likely outcome), then there is always a trick to go: it can be said that the woman refuses to heal, or that decoding, by some mysterious spell, has not caused any effect, perhaps by any defect of the patient itself.”
In addition to the dual language strategy, BNE commits manipulation by mechanisms such as suggestion, peer pressure (e.g. repeat sentences to instil through repetition by the group61), and also coercion. Besides, group leaders often overwhelm, blame and ridicule (appealing to "interference problems present") anybody in the audience who dares to ask [spontaneous] questions. Corbera often goes so far on affirming his self-imposed authority, that he can invent the origin of a disorder, and apparently fix the rest of the story to suit into his bottom-line proposals. In addition, explicit and implicit insistence on applying the "quarantine" method to BNE patients, that is, breaking social ties with family and friends, again reinforces the thesis of this group’s cultic derivatives.
It is of particular interest for us, a comment found in a social-media BNE related group, where,in addition to the usual banalisation of oncology, by providing testimonies without supporting objective data, could point to an acquisition strategy to gain new members, apart from proselytism-like activities of proper ones 62.
We see how many times Corbera urges his audience to suspend their critical thinking, to move towards “the healing state”, which in turn serves him to prevent any internal attack on its methodology or assumptions. Enhancing emotional states and diminishing critical thinking, encouraging people to "stop thinking" and look for answers in the bioneuroemotion, infantilizes the individual and presents in front of them a virtually omnipotent authority (which we can observe at the comments and some of testimonies, v. Annex II of note 1). BNE also creates dualized dynamics "the rest vs. us", manipulating whatever cognitive dissonances the BNE member may have (and leaving aside any form of coherence with his statement "anything that happens to you it’s because you’ve asked the Universe for it”) to speak of betrayals, balance of energies, in sum, a very different line of thought from that applied to his audience. Corbera loves to flatter his listeners with the idea that audience has come to see him on free will, and that BNE opponents like to fool BNE members, by saying “oh, there are people who say you do not think for yourselves, that you are manipulated” and adding the fallacious thought “well, if there is many people who think like we do, and that seems to be the case, we cannot be wrong". Here, authors of this document suggest a more pertinent question, that is, Can you willingly accept to be fooled, if you are previously given all the information of what it is going to happen?63.
In a recent interview, Miguel Perlado, a Spanish Clinical Psychologist specialized in cultic studies (especially in “exit counseling” therapy and former cult members support), speaks of this kind of movement in the following terms64:
“When it is required from a patient to become a believer of a therapy, we are no longer talking about a therapy; but something else: a conversion, whatever, but definitely, not a therapy. What we have observed is that through many of these cases, treatments or therapies serve as a forced process of conversion to gain a new member, a new believer(...) [Interviewer] Where is the criminal and civil liability? We know that (...) several therapists of sort are giving, for instance, masterclasses at medical schools.
[M. Perlado] That is true, and is also paradoxical. There exist a joint and shared re responsibility, of each and every one of us ... These days, what we observe is sort of a trivialization/ relativization of the cultic phenomenon: "anything goes", "do not be like", "you are an inquisitor" "seems to be against the alternative therapies" ... no, no, this has little or nothing to do with being labelled as alternative or not. The problem comes when you play with other people’s emotions and free will ... who regulates that? No one.
(...) Some companies are linked, directly or indirectly, there are many cults that have its own media, broadcasting stations, that can bill millions of euros by year, declare evidently not even a half of what patrimony and capital they have, they are clearly enriched structures, this can be said with no doubt.”

6.1. Comparative Study
Based on the book “Cults among us” by Margaret Thaler Singer, Marta Segurola65, researcher about this movement, has made a differential test to determine whether the bioneuroemotion can be considered a group of with cultic derivatives, where processes of thought reform are systematically used, or not. Segurola concludes that BNE... “is not a proper cult [since it does not meet some established academic criteria like, establishing dietary or sleep restrictions to members ..., nor are urged to deceive people], it does present specific characteristics of cults, like believing you can achieve an improvement in mood and moral code if you follow leader’s dictates to the word, and for this you have to suspend your critical thinking and have the faith of a child ... Bioneuroemotion does not constitute a cult but it coincides with Training Programs for Awareness Groups (PECGG) point after point. Therefore, we conclude that this group has a severe cultic derivative.”

6.2. Miviludes assessment.
MIVILUDES is the Interministerial Mission to Monitor and Combat against sectarian derivatives, composed by representatives of the Government of France.
This institution provides lots of information about “les methodes psychologisantes”, category which includes the NMG, the biodescodificación and "Total Biology"66, and points its three main characteristics:
• Blaming the patient of their disease or discomfort.
• The distress caused by the disease.
• The search for wellbeing against an individualistic and materialistic society.
Also, it underlines the fact that these movements are constantly updated, appearing and disappearing from overnight, and integrating healthcare professionals, practitioners of paramedical branches and self-proclaimed therapists without any approved training. Also, this organism notes the dangerous and dogmatic position of rejection of conventional medicine, up to a point so radical that often implies putting individual’s health and life at risk, breaking familiar bonds, ultimately leading the person to a state of social exclusion.
Miviludes carries compiled a glossary of 64 methods related only with the decoding performed by about 10 000 "specialized" therapists, with an average price per visit of 60 €, often in facilities that are advertised as health centres, despite not meeting strict legal requirements, leading to potential patient security pitfalls ; nevertheless, law enforcement authorities do not seem to prosecute this phenomenon hard enough.
MIVILUDES also manifest its concerns regarding “regressive psychotherapy” (thereby inducing false memories), which has already been led a therapist to penal conviction. Other techniques also mentioned are NLP, enneagrams or “holistic kinesiology”. The latter was founded in 1960 by an American chiropractor. It is a technique of holistic cut and supposedly based on traditional Chinese medicine, a new-age line, which espouses a radical break of lifestyle and shift to organic food, alternative medicines, therapies without drugs and environmentalism. Radicalization has already led to cultic derivatives, for example with hygienist (a naturopath 67 trend); or with extreme vegetarianism, which has already caused the death of a child.

6.3. Contributions of RedUNE
RedUNE is a Spanish non profit organization that serves and defences the civil rights of persons abducted in their freedom by coercive groups. They have also compiled lots of information on BNE and related movements. We have chosen as an example the paper by Alejandro Cruzado 68, approaching the current issue with an especially strong and firm tone, because it serves us to draw some ideas to summarize:
In situations of personal and social vulnerability (mental health related issues, social exclusion), scammers can be at first established, as a peaceful associate or guide. The individual probably won't not be aware of the deception until it's too late; even there are some individuals that would never reach that point, or even if it is reached,the person could also maintain his believing against all contrary evidences. During this process, individual cooperation goes from giving consent to requests for the scam to be continued, even by instigation. Rascal promises healing and salvation from our sins or our ancestors against the power of evil men; sins that make us unhappy.
Scammer confuses and bewilders the ill person with the prospect of a lasting and endured health, causing the victim to feel credit and admiration.
In this shamanic ideology - of spiritualism, Buddhism, Hinduism, yainism and theology disguised behind the banal ayyavazhi- medical practice of ancient Babylon, where the medicine was twinned to magic and sorcery; and only exercised by priests, who regarded the disease as omens. When present conditions do not match with established biomedical theory, they are automatically attributed to supernatural forces (gods or demons), and cured through exorcism. Nurse Christian Flèche holds the highly irrational belief that, for example, to suffer a headache means the individual’s relatives (or even the individual itself) in were beheaded in former lives; that if a dermatological condition is present, it is because there was any ancestor that died flayed, resulting in an anachronic sophistry worthier of a circus show.
Cruzado concludes that the aforementioned ideas and practices are constitutive of crime against public health, and that they are also based on a bottom line corrupted aim, some form of psychological cruelty that subtly and progressively undermines personal autonomy and logical discernment, sweeping away in many cases the health or life ahead. These crimes are increasing exponentially, while the individual is often subjected to situations of social ridicule. He also reports the difficulty of assessing cases that are not reported by the individuals. Cruzado makes an appeal to law enforcement authorities, foundations and corporations whose mission is to protect victims of paranormal scams, and to speak out and send its message loud and clear, when we have documented insufficient implementation of existing legislations, resulting in an inadequate control of this phenomenon.
[The qualifiers of swindlers, criminals, hallucinated, loons, shamanism, etc., are used by Alejandro Cruzado in the original document.]

6.4. RIES contribution (Iberoamerican Network for the Study of Cults)
RIES is a network of seglar catholics, experts and scholars of the cult phenomenon and new forms of religiosity or spirituality. Founded in 2005, it aims to provide information and help on this phenomenon.
RIES frequently receives inquiries on BNE, especially from families of affected persons, and echoes from testimonies of cult members, documenting physiological and sociological damages on individuals affected.
The organisation has also made public its position statement 69 similar to the above, specifying its analysis from the point of view of the distortion of religious elements that the BNE states in its proposals. As an organization with catholic base, states that the position of the Catholic Church, regarding proposals of "holistic healing" related with New Age movements, gathered in the Vatican document “Jesus Christ bearer of the water of life”. In particular, RIES sets the focus on the similarities between the document and the statements of Enric Corbera, concluding that: "it is strongly discouraged any collaboration of organizations and individuals of the Catholic Church, with any activity related with Bioneuroemotion, framed clearly in spiritual pseudotherapies part of New Age movements, with cultic characteristics ".

7. Expansion of bioneuroemotion
Like any pseudoscience, BNE uses for its expansion the prestige of institutions in which it tries to infiltrate (universities, professional associations, municipalities, etc.) by using half truths, omissions and lies, exploiting as a vulnerability the "good faith" we presumed in people70.

7.1. Path from its origins and partner institutions.
The path of the BNE is closely associated with its creator, Enric Corbera. This 62 years old man from Barcelona is a former manager of a family business whose life changed after reading in 1993 the book A Course In Miracles, studying naturopathy in 1994, and a BA in psychology (2003). In those days, Corbera suffered a testicular cancer and went into Hamer's theories through his Spanish disciple Vicenç Herrera71.
In 1994 he opened a first business, a shop of herbal remedies, and worked as private naturopath.
Later he went deeper into the field of psychological pseudotherapies as NLP, Ericksonian hypnosis and sophrology. Since then, thanks to the Spanish esoteric-friend group “La Caja de Pandora” [Pandora’s Box], YouTube channels and podcasts72, he publicites his lectures, books, seminars, etc. Other lines of business are consultations, both private and in group.
From 2009, various entities are created with the same registered office, the same care and the same purpose,giving structure to the movement: Natural Enric SL, the Spanish Institute of Biodecoding, later Spanish Institute of Bioneuroemotion or Enric Corbera Institute, and the Spanish Association of Bioneuroemotion73.
At this point, we recall the workds of Miguel Perlado on the needs of this kind of groups to appear official for extending diplomas and give a sense of prestige.
Covering his speech as a new therapy to achieve health and emotional balance (not as a mere technique of psychology, but well-nourished with elements of magical thinking), Corbera achieves to open the doors of several municipalities, professional associations and even universities to their lectures; institutions which, in principle, should ensure that the information that reaches citizens is serious and truthful.
In 2011, Corbera adds to his resume a degree in BNE granted by the Organization for the Integration of Social Welfare (OIBS) of Cuba, in a change of nomenclature biodescodification by bioneuroemotion, perhaps because of an IP lawsuit of Christian Flèche18, although the official explanation is other19. As Corbera is who brings actually the movement to Cuba74, he grants himself the title through OIBS, an entity recognized by the Cuban government.
In Argentina he was introduced by the hand of the married couple Patrono, project leaders of Creando tu vida [Creating your life], which embraces all kinds of new-age pseudotherapies. The couple led him to be appointed Ambassador of Peace by some local scope foundations of the country75, and from then to impart a multitudinous lecture at the National University of Cordoba in 2013, in the own Faculty of Medicine, issue which is especially bleeding as it granted BNE the endorsement of a serious academic institution. In the case of the University of Rosario it is even worse, because there BNE was introduced as an optional subject in the medical career76.
In a display of egotism, creates the Enric Corbera University (now Institute), same-purposed as the unofficial institutes and associations already mentioned; a organization dedicated to teaching courses, with prices ranging from 25 € of the simple talks to the 3,000 € of the "postgraduates"77.
In Mexico it has reached agreements with the Universidad Iberoamericana of Torreón, through its computer professor José Navarro Garcia, leader of the BNE in that country, and who has managed BNE to be valid official studies78.

7.2. Modus operandi and examples of infiltration.
In many of the infiltrations, the following pattern is observed: a sympathizer with the movement gets it in his professional field, without any filter to prevent.
"Social engineering" is also used, like the famous Spaniard social-hacker “Pequeño Nicolas”: you just need a photo with someone of prestige, who does not know you at all, to deceive others with that photo, and that will open doors, always looking to become a figure of authority to give talks or grant titles by creating ad hoc institutions. Thus, we assist to a key moment: the appearance of Corbera as interviewed in La Aventura del Saber (The adventure of knowledge) of TVE-279 [a Spanish national public channel] on May 27, 2013, "endorsed" by being the director of the Spanish Institute of Bioneuroemotion. There he spread his unscientific ideas into a divulgation program, presumably serious and rigorous. Currently we did not know yet how it was suggested (or by whom) their appearance.
That way, someone can even blame yourself if you have suffered a violation can enlarge his resume towards the people.
He also has more or less recurrent interviews in the program L'ofici de viure [The occupation of living] de Catalunya Ràdio (the public Catalonian radio), with its consequent social diffusion. From there, he pontificates about the mentioned A Course in Miracles, how to become rich, and Hamer and BNE80. Gaspar Hernandez, adept radio-speaker, has recently published a book about Corbera, No soy de este mundo [I am not of this world], which can be considered in practice a good manual on how a person can fall into a sectarian movement because of outdated prejudices and assumptions of what a cult or a guru is.
He also claimed for a while to have taught at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, although from that entity they confirmed us that he is not teacher. They told us he “only participated in a debate” proposed by the teacher of 4th of Infirmary (that was also responsible for psycho-oncology at the Hospital Sant Pau of Barcelona). At the end, the teacher lied to the University, as Corbera told in the mentioned radio program they both planned to introduce BNE in the University and create a post-degree as he achieved to do in other places.
As result, a complaint to the College of Psychologists of Catalonia was formulated, who as we saw, had already repeatedly denied the therapeutic validity of the BNE. But as an example of the authority figure that represents a title, a professional association and the creation of an institution, the answer to one of the first attention calls to the college was "this is also a referee and is supported by the Spanish Institute of Bioneuroemotion". Recently, following the unfortunate case of Maribel Candelas and some media interest, there is a growing request for assistance by affected by the technique.
Much more information on this case and the infiltration of the movement in several town halls can be found within the blog Qué mal puede hacer81 [Spanish version of What’s the harm famous blog over pseudotherapies].
Another case of infiltration has was in the Faculty of Tourism of Oviedo, who in 2014 promoted the bioturism "as factor of balance between body, mind and spirit" and explicitly linked the BNE in a summer course.
At the University of Las Palmas, BNE was brought in via a medical doctor, Miguel Paggi82, follower of the ideas of Hamer. In this case there was no complaint to the Ethics Committee of Medical Association of the province, as the doctors who introduced the talk, Sergio Martinez and Esteban Perez Alonso, are the president and a member of the committee itself. However, the talk was managed to be stopped few hours before its beginning.
Another example of interference in the health system has been in medical colleges like Benalmádena83, which also organized a talk about BNE; the College of Psychology of Malaga, the College of Pharmacists of Tenerife84, some attempts in the Odontology field83 and some links to physiotherapy professional.
As an example of the last one, the University of Alcala de Henares was a case of a proposed summer course of BNE taught by Montserrat Batllo (the #2 in the BNE “Institute”) and two senior lecturers of physiotherapy. The College of Physiotherapists of Madrid did not respond to the complaints from this practices out of their deontology. Finally, after bringing the case to the Rector and the Student’s Ombudsman, the course was cancelled in extremis, opening a wound in the University’s Governing Council, as the departments of Physics and Biochemistry have long warned of the presence of pseudoscience in the centre facing no opposition from other departments. The wound is still open: courses as above can be re-proposed, and the teachers involved (who complain of inquisitorial manoeuvres) continue their teaching and defending the BNE as a healing technique; and while they don’t urge to abandon conventional medication, they consider it a mere unnecessary placebo84, and defends their position claiming that some universities such as those mentioned in Rosario or Torreon recognize officially the BNE78. But as we saw, they sneaked in there in the same way they were trying to infiltrate Alcalá’s University: taking advantage of the failure of its control mechanisms and using as a pretext the other places where it has been infiltrated before, never offering evidence of its effectiveness. Finally, the teachers achieved to infiltrate the movement in the University as talks85; it also appeared with another nomenclature in some of their EOG project proposals as "emotional origin of the disease." It was also reported an infiltration in some branches of sociology at the same University.
At the University of the Basque Country it also appears in some temary of psychology, and as recommended bibliography.
Sometimes, the BNE is offered through workshops in annexed or attached to university centers, but selling them as if they were officially organized by the University itself, as was the case at the University of Murcia. On this occasion, the centre did not know the content that was sheltering, and did his best to not return to give similar situations, as it was the subsequent master degree in nursing holistic86, whose block on BNE was removed (although the full master should have been withdrawn).
Thus, if the BNE has deceived several professionals who we can assume well-trained (nurses, doctors, physiotherapists, psychologists, etc.), is easy to imagine how far it can go with an average citizen and professional groups outside the medical practice: press, publishing, municipalities, even primary schools and high schools.
Among the latter, we found the case of the high school Rodrigo Botet from Manises (Valencia), which narrated us an overwhelming case: deeply regretted having allowed a talk of Corbera with absolutely inappropriate content for the young students. This talk was proposed by an adept of the movement and endorsed by the above mentioned appearance in La Aventura del saber in TVE (again, we have the scheme of an adept from the institution proposing Corbera, endorsed with the prestige of the echo that the media gave him). It ended with a complaint of the parents association, requesting the removal of any reference to the center in the video that Corbera recorded of this talk and uploaded to Youtube 87. This video is shown by the movement as a paradigmatic example of the inclusion of the BNE in education, and will allow them to keep on infiltrating into new places. In this case, this interference could also represent a crime of non consented indoctrination, aggravated by involving minors.
Another case was a talk about BNE in 2014 in the city hall of Alicante, defended as a supposed social demand, as "a new psychological current in clear growth", as not doing any therapeutic practices in the talk and as being taught by a collegiate psychologist88. Our request explanations the College of Psychologists of Valencia remains unanswered three years later.
The last case we want to show (of many more), was at the city hall of Ingenio (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria): it is the leading exponent of deception: a conference of Corbera and first action of Enric Corbera Social, a new trademark to disguise their actions, this time in the form of NGOs social purposes, which incidentally allows him to save taxes. It was an infamous hoax involving food banks and an association of protection for women victims of gender violence in the area (Women, Solidarity and Cooperation), in addition to the Department of Social Services and Equality. Ironically, by a movement that degrades women almost in every sentence of his speeches89.
The conference was held and Corbera expressed his anger against their "inquisitors", while thanking the council its firmness to pressure, suggesting that critics believe that people "are stupid and unable to think for itself." That trick opened him several doors: asks people to think for themselves, after offering them biased and false information, providing as well a list of prestigious places where BNE appeared (although that acts were cancelled in many cases), so they may think, "if it were not true, they won’t allow him to spread this around." Or being associated with academic degrees, as if becoming a doctorate in a subject, for example, might lead necessarily to the acquisition of critical thinking.
Ineptitude, inefficiency, ignorance, bad professionals, good faith. They whatever the causes, the BNE is stealing prestige and growing number of followers and what they call applicants and companions. Some of them, like Diego Callizo in Belgium, serve in turn as the engine of international spread of this dangerous coercive movement90.

8. Current structure of the BNE
We will summarize here, at the beginning of 2016, the status of the structure and main lines of business of the movement initiated by Corbera.
Books. As a way to disseminate their ideas and generate incomings91. There are diverse works of Corbera published mainly by El Grano de Mostaza, a Catalan publishing company that specialized in pseudotherapies and "spiritual awakening".
The last book by the author, The art of unlearning, presents the BNE as "cutting-edge science", as if he was at a more advanced level respect to its critics, who are usually described as backward or narrow-minded.
Another example is The observer in Bioneuroemotion (Eds. Synchrony, Kier and El Grano de Mostaza), where the author, hapharzardly and with absolute ignorance, mixes concepts of Quantum Physics, Biology and Psychology, and their presumed impact on the family tree of a person and hence on the illnesses suffered by them.
On the website of El Grano de Mostaza, Corbera’s book packs are sold under the dangerous title of Healing.
Finally, Corbera has prefaced the book To let go: the way of delivery, by David R. Hawkins, psychiatrist considered by his followers as an "Outstanding teacher of the way to enlightenment".
Courses. As already mentioned, through the aeBNE, the ieBNE (whose only administrator is Corbera) and the Enric Corbera University, he carries out his training activity77.
Currently they claim they have in preparation a master on BNE.
Content Advertising (videos, podcasts). On his YouTube channels and podcasts72, his main talks and presentations can be viewed. Some of them are already over one million visitors on YouTube, which is an additional source of incomings because of the associated advertising.
Consultations: Although a private consultation usually costs around 90€, some cases are known where the person affected has been asked to pay amounts of the order of 7000 € to be "treated" of terminal diseases such as cancer or ALS. Sometimes he also offers "group" consultations for 50 €.
Conferences: although some of them are presented as free (or even disguised as a social action) in order to increase his user base and "wash his public image", he takes advantage of them to sell his books and there is also, usually, an entrance price which varies depending the occasion.
Other: There are some particularly dangerous programs because of their involvement with children, like the Sense Project, The importance of being a mother or Bioneuroemotion in teaching, where they use the already mentioned intrusion at the Institute of Manises (Valencia) to have access to other institutes, colleges and nurseries.
The Social Enric Corbera initiative seeks impersonating social action to improve his corporative image, sell his products during the events, and get some tax exemptions.
Additionally, the possibility of collateral businesses has arised, such as renting houses for the quarantine period.

Growing of BNE by its Facebook followers (data source:

9. Conclusions.
As seen throughout this work, the BNE –and in general, the schools of thought based in the emotional origin of diseases– is not exactly a classic cult movement, although it has several features that distinguish these organizations, resulting in what we can label as "cults 2.0", formally known as a “Training Program for the Awareness of Large Groups”.
It also meets in virtually all respects the character of pseudoscience. Taking as reference the seven traits that show a pseudoscience or pseudoscientific stated by Robert L. Parker in his Seven Warning Signs of Bogus Science, we can find:
• Their theories and supposed discoveries are not subject to critical peer in scientific journals or congresses of psychology or of general medicine, but they presents them directly in other environments, such as newspapers, books and informative talks, without any prior scientific evaluation.
• Responds to the criticisms talking about the existence of a conspiracy, due to obscure interests, to silence the movement.
• Often the data that supposedly guarantee their ideas, are not presented clearly or are in the detection limit of the analytical techniques; in this case, we can cite the Hamer focus of German New Medicine, alleged brain structures that are actually distortions resulting from inadequate calibration of medical devices.
• The evidence is anecdotal, selecting only the results that fit with their conclusions, which are always pre-investigation. Thus, these pseudotherapies don’t undergo standard clinical trials or don’t monitor the evolution of patients after the treatment.
• The prestige given by tradition or the antiquity of the technique as proof of its veracity. It is not the case; On the contrary, in this case they speak of "cutting-edge science", of a mechanism that perhaps is not yet known, but it works and that someday will know how, and appeal to sciences like quantum physics or epigenetics absolutely distorting its principles. It fits into what is called third generation psychological therapies, in which it can be found some techniques and rituals much closer to New-Age religious movements than to scientific psychology.
• The "research" to get into the development of the technique was performed by an alone illuminated "genius" that takes some ideas off the sleeve, rather than being the result of teamwork, essential in today’s science.
• To be correct, we should radically revise what is firmly known in many sciences (biology, physics, chemistry, pharmacology, medicine), which would lead to discovery of new laws of Nature.As Mario Bunge says, a scientist (or technique) has to show an external consistency, i.e. it must not contradict the formulated by other sciences in which it rests or shows interrelationships.
The bioneuroemotion is a pseudotherapy that was born perverted, as it derives from the German New Medicine, one of the greatest aberrations of modern medical practice. Its diffusion takes the form of a social cancer, so the treatment is complex. As a suggestion, it is proposed:
• Stop its angiogenesis in form of intromissions in education centres (from schools to universities) and institutions (municipalities, media, professional associations, cultural centres), of which steals their prestige.
• Getting the shutdown of its broadcast channels on social networks, something that has been achieved in some other fields, such as pages that promote anorexia.
• Review the list of professionals and companies linked to these pseudotherapies, for taking appropriate action. Given the nature of thought reform it produces, it is expected a huge reluctance them to abandon their practice in this regard.
• Achieve the dissolution of entities specifically created to give the appearance of rigor to the movement: centres, associations, NGOs, "university", professional schools, etc... To this regard, Is interesting to consider the article 515 of the Spanish Penal Code:
Are punishable unlawful associations taken such consideration:
2nd. Which, even having as object a lawful purpose, will employ violence or disorder or personality control means to achieve it.
• Achieve the withdrawal of the publications of these institutions for their dissemination.
• And in parallel, a social awareness campaign against the pseudo-therapeutic movements in general.
New German Medicine was one of those cancers in its days. The lack of measures of control and monitoring of it, have allowed their return twenty years later, harder, metastasized within every imaginable social corners.
As citizens, we only ask things are make right. Overall, we adhere to proposed legislative changes promoted by the Association to Protect the Patient of Pseudoscientific Therapies92.

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Re: Bioneuroemocion Gevaarlijke sekte in opkomst

Berichtdoor Kristof » 17 jun 2017, 18:24


Denk je nu echt dat iemand zo'n lap gekopieerde (!) Engelse tekst gaat lezen en al de 92 (!) linken gaat nakijken omdat iemand van je familie in de ban is geraakt van Bioneuroemocion.
Een Nederlandstalige samenvatting en een link geven naar deze tekst was voldoende.
Wat denk je hiermee te bereiken?
Zie mijn vorige post: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=3806&p=93898#p93908
Sorry hoor, maar ik vind jouw berichten hieromtrent niet psychologisch gezond meer ook al omdat dit bericht een dubbelpost was.
For me, it is far better to grasp the Universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring.
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Re: Bioneuroemocion Gevaarlijke sekte in opkomst

Berichtdoor moonlight » 17 jun 2017, 23:25

Beste Kristof,
Het ware beter dat je de tekst leest en dan je mening uit !
Ik ben zelf slachtoffer van deze bende crapuul en je gelul komt zeer ongepast ! :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
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Re: Bioneuroemocion Gevaarlijke sekte in opkomst

Berichtdoor Kristof » 18 jun 2017, 14:07


Eerst beweer je dat een familielid slachtoffer is van deze "sekte" en nu beweer dat je zelf het slachtoffer bent.
Je hebt nooit aangegeven op welke manier jij (of je familielid) slachtoffer bent.
Is er sprake van ernstige feiten zoals: (financiële) afpersing, fysieke dreiging of handeling, vervreemding van de familie...?
Enkelen, waaronder ik, hebben reeds aangegeven dat wij je enkel maar kunnen doorverwijzen of dat je naar de politie moet gaan indien de feiten ernstig zijn.
En neen, ik ga die hele lap tekst van jou niet lezen en zeker niet de belachelijk vele links. Ik ben zeer vertrouwd met sceptische literatuur en weet voldoende over de eventuele gevaren van sekten.
De reden waarom ik beweer dat je berichten hierover niet psychologisch gezond zijn is de manier waarop hierover verschillende onderwerpen gestart zijn in plaats van in één onderwerp alles eens haarfijn uit de doeken te doen.
Ik verdenk jouw opgestarte onderwerpen een lastercampagne te zijn tegen Bioneuroemocion om persoonlijke redenen.
viewtopic.php?f=2&t=3729&p=92831#p92843 :!:
For me, it is far better to grasp the Universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring.
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Re: Bioneuroemocion Gevaarlijke sekte in opkomst

Berichtdoor moonlight » 23 jun 2017, 09:50

is er sprake van ernstige feiten zoals: (financiële) afpersing, vervreemding van de familie...?
Zeg mij maar eens waar je daarmee terecht kan ?
Deze Dame kreeg ook ongelijk ... re-1119026
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Re: Bioneuroemocion Gevaarlijke sekte in opkomst

Berichtdoor Kristof » 23 jun 2017, 11:34

Moonlight, je moet hier echt eens mee stoppen.

is er sprake van ernstige feiten zoals: (financiële) afpersing, vervreemding van de familie...?

Is dit van toepassing op jou of je dochter? Gelieve te staven met feiten.

Zeg mij maar eens waar je daarmee terecht kan?

Voor de zoveelste maal: een adviesraad voor sekten, de politie of je neemt zelf een (pro deo) advocaat onder de arm en klaagt ze aan.

Deze Dame kreeg ook ongelijk ... re-1119026

De dame haar moeder is gestorven aan onbehandelde kanker omdat ze zich inliet met drie kwakzalvers.
Waarom koos je dit Franstalig (!) artikel waarin helemaal geen verband wordt gelegd met Diego Callizo, Bioneuroemocion of The Emotion Experience?
Kon je niets bezwarend over voorgenoemde persoon en organisaties vinden? :?

Heeck schreef:
Moonlight schreef: . . . Mijn meerderjarige dochter is verliefd op een Therapeut . . .

Dat is een heel ander probleem dan jouw entree-probleem:
" . ik heb het gevoel dat iedereen zich maar kan Therapeut noemen . ."

Zo lijkt het er meer op dat jij vindt dat niet iedereen zich met jouw dochter mag onderhouden.


For me, it is far better to grasp the Universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring.
Carl Sagan - RIP
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