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Harun Yahya's nieuwste

BerichtGeplaatst: 09 sep 2009, 22:19
door frank06

Misschien hoort dit eerder in het Lulhoekje thuis.
The Global Darwinist Dictatorship Must Apologize to the Entire World!
Darwinism is under official protection in 95% of the countries of the world. People are forced to believe this false theory imposed on them as an official ideology. Candidates in middle school, high school and university exams have to answer questions about the theory of evolution as if this false theory were true and factual.
•for presenting innumerable frauds to the scientific world for 150 years,
•for imposing Darwinism as the official ideology,
•for trying to keep Darwinism alive by means of official protection,
•for putting pressure on and removing pro-Creation scientists from their posts,
•for putting anti-democratic pressure on Creationists all over the world through the press and other means...

En zo gaat-ie nog even door.
De schrijfselen van deze mentaal andersbegaafde randdebiel kan je hier vinden.

Triest, heel triest.


Re: Harun Yahya's nieuwste

BerichtGeplaatst: 10 sep 2009, 02:38
door kil
De opsomming nog lager op de pagina toont aan dat hij geen benul heeft waarover hij praat. Hoe kan je die zinnen lezen zonder in de lach te schieten vraag ik me af. Basisbiologie deel 1, dat is waar de man eens mee moet starten.

Re: Harun Yahya's nieuwste

BerichtGeplaatst: 11 sep 2009, 12:10
door Kris Hauchecorne
En moet dit ons nu overtuigen van de absolute waarheid van het achterlijke idee dat er een god zou moeten bestaan? Moet dit ons nu tot bekering inspireren?

Re: Harun Yahya's nieuwste

BerichtGeplaatst: 11 sep 2009, 13:08
door Wit Konijn
als ik mij niet vergis, is hij veroordeeld voor cocaïnebezit /gebruik en aanranding van kinderen? Zijn verdediging was vanzelfsprekend een complot tegen hem...

Hoe grappig hij ook mag zijn, hij wordt door hele bevolkingsgroepen als wetenschapper bejubeld én als "wetenschappelijk" bewijs tegenover evolutie geplaatst door scholieren ook in ons land... Da's minder om te lachen natuurlijk...

Re: Harun Yahya's nieuwste

BerichtGeplaatst: 11 sep 2009, 21:19
door Geen
Ik heb weet van een (hooggeschoolde) moslima (met sjaal) die de evolutietheorie als Waarheid (met hoofdletter) verwerpt, maar niet als "theorie waarmee gewerkt kan worden". Ik zou graag binnen 50 jaar eens terugkomen (inch 'Allah) om te zien hoe en in welke richting/varianten/enz. de acceptatie/non-acceptatie in de moslimwereld is geëvolueerd.

Re: Harun Yahya's nieuwste

BerichtGeplaatst: 11 sep 2009, 21:23
door Geen
En het laatste zal ook evolutietheoretisch uitgelegd kunnen worden (tenzij dat verboden wordt).

Re: Harun Yahya's nieuwste

BerichtGeplaatst: 23 sep 2009, 15:57
door TUUR
Legal issues, arrest, trial, and sentencing
Over the last twenty years Oktar(Harun Yahya) has had several issues with law enforcement. In 1991, Oktar was arrested for possession of cocaine, which he claimed security agents planted in his food.[53] He was later acquitted.[53] In September 1999 Adnan Oktar was arrested following multiple scandals and further allegations that were fully covered by the Turkish media.[65][66] In that court case, Oktar was charged with using threats for personal benefit and creating an organization with the intent to commit a crime.[67] One complainant was Ebru Simsek, a fashion model, who was blackmailed[53][68], and then slandered as a "prostitute" in fax messages sent to hundreds of different newspapers, TV channels, major business companies, foreign consulates and government offices for refusing to have sex with Oktar. The judicial process lasted over two years, during which most of the complainants retracted their claims, reportedly because of threats or bribes from SRF members. As a result, cases against Oktar and other BAV members were dismissed, with only two members receiving jail sentences for 1 year each.[30][69]

A 2008 indictment from the prosecutor’s office, cited by the daily Cumhuriyet, said Oktar's organisation used its female members to attract young scholars from rich families with the promise of sex in exchange for attending events.[70] The sexual activities were videotaped with the purpose of blackmail, and the group record thousands of people in compromising positions.[19] According to the indictment, one of the victims had to sleep with 16 men, which was recorded with hidden cameras and the tapes were given to Oktar.[70] The girls who want to leave the group are threatened that the tapes will be made public.[70]

Amidst ambiguous circumstances, all charges were dropped by that court, only to be picked up by another court eight years later. In 2008 Oktar was convicted of a variety of crimes, including the making of criminal threats.[59][67][71] In May 2008 Oktar and 17 other members of his organisation were sentenced to three years in prison,[67] though a BAV spokeswoman claimed that the judge was pressured by special-interest groups.[67] Oktar also denies the charges and is appealing the verdict.[72][73]

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